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The Leon County Democratic Executive Committee is laying the groundwork to organize our community and fight for  the change we want to see in our world!

It all starts at the ground level, with our volunteers and members that spend countless hours helping our people, which in turn helps our county.

Make no mistake, we will pursue equity and justice for all. We love our party, but we love our people more. After all, it’s the people that make a democracy work.

Our Team

Every one of our members is a community leader in their own right! Below are just the few elected to represent the body as a whole.

Erik David - Chair

I’ve lived here in Leon County for most of my life; after graduating from high school in 2002, I worked several different hourly retail jobs before enlisting in the U.S. Army in June of 2007. After completing my term of service in 2011, I moved back to Tallahassee to attend college using benefits provided by the Post 9/11 GI Bill; I subsequently graduated from Florida State University in December of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

I’ve been active in local politics since 2016, first as a member of the Big Bend Democratic Progressive Caucus and later as a member of the Tallahassee chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. In 2018 I was a volunteer for Jeremy Matlow’s campaign for City Commission – Seat 3 and in 2020 I volunteered to help with Jack Porter’s campaign for City Commission – Seat 1.

As a Democratic Socialist, I’m supportive of policies that would significantly improve conditions for workers. At the federal level, examples of policies that I support include a minimum wage of at least $15/hour that’s indexed to inflation, Medicare For All, Paid Family Leave by Law, the Green New Deal, Cancelling All Student Loan Debt, Making Public Colleges and Universities Tuition-free, and Significantly Reducing Defense Spending.

Here in Leon County, I’d like to see us create a vibrant worker co-op sector to strike at the root cause of income inequality, increase funding and support for community health centers to help enable more people to see a doctor when they need to, partner with local non-profit organizations to create a variety of housing options that better reflect the income ranges present in our local economy, increase funding and support for Title 1 schools to ensure that every child can receive a great education no matter what zip code they live in, and shift funding away from reactive law enforcement programs that don’t actually address the underlying problems that make criminal behavior more likely.

Dr. Patty Ball Thomas - Vice Chair

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Nicole Soza - State Committee Woman

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Ryler Calabrese - State Committee Man

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Kevin Carpenter - Treasurer

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Osvaldo Hernandez - Corresponding Secretary

Born and raised in Miami to my immigrant Cuban parents, I spent most of my childhood adventuring in the neighborhoods, parks, and (thanks to an older brother in the military) traveling. To date I have passed through 16 states and 6 countries (not including the U.S.). Being one of those “love to learn” types, I undertook a variety of courses while at TCC and FSU, but my main areas of focus were Psychology, Pre-Med, and Education. It was during late 2011 when my interest in politics lead me to become more actively involved in the local community, working to help get Obama elected for his second term and participating in a number of rallies, marches, and other cause-related events.

The culmination of these experiences, and a few others, landed me in a decent job, a happy home that I share with my wife, two kids, and our critters. My experiences have also led to a passion for helping others, which I currently strive to do politically by being involved with the local party, the local Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapter, and the NPO Future March, Inc.

The grind is daily, and the goals are clear to me: a well represented democracy, equity, and justice for all. These values will be powered by a democratic-socialist machine that will work for the people, not corporations or the wealthy 1%.

Gil Daspit - Recording Secretary

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Nelson Ball - District 1 Representative

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William Booker - District 2 Representative

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Angel De Armendi - District 3 Representative

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Sierra Bush-Rester - District 4 Representative

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Kathy McGuire - District 5 Representative

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Sam Neel - Bylaws Chair

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Michael Yost - Credentials Chair

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Juanda Beck-Jones - Diversity & Inclusion Chair

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Max Epstein - Environmental Chair

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Alex Dew - Party Organization Chair

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Jennifer Paredes - Publicity Chair

Prior to moving to Tallahassee at age 11, I was raised on a pecan orchard outside of Gainesville in Alachua County, where my neighbors were replaced with books. During college, I worked as the Editor-in-Chief of our newspaper, and volunteered as Communications Liaison for a short-lived local non-profit, Arise Community Library. I have volunteered for University and local elections, and have participated in politics as a lifelong Democrat. After ten years working as a hearing officer with DEO, I returned to academia and reached a new goal of becoming a wildlife biologist.

I believe in strengthening the local community by raising up those who are most disadvantaged, which makes environmental issues and civil rights my top priority. It is only through an intersectional approach to problem resolution and grassroots organizing that we will help all of our citizens. This is why I identify as a Democratic Socialist, and the reason I joined the DEC as a Precinct Committee Woman.

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